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Dare to wear!

Do you think you are too old? Or have you always worn speedo or arena and you don't dare to switch? We totally understand. What will they say if you suddenly come in with a nice print that stands out. And what will they say if your swimsuit suddenly falls low on the hips. And sweet girl, what do you do with all those boys' heads turning when you choose to train in a funkita bikini?

Very important considerations. You'll have to make the choice. Well, we are happy to help you on your way. We know for sure that:

Funky Trunks and Funkita is not just for people with a super tight figure
the more people who wear Funky Trunks and Funkita, the less they will check you out
With Funky Trunks and Funkita you can always expect a nice comment or compliment from your fellow swimmers
Gentlemen, and don't worry, that pity really won't go down!
Ladies, believe us, there's no better fit than our training swimsuits. Especially since there is a cut that fits you for every posture!
And ask us and we will confirm that you will definitely be that 0.00003 seconds faster when you choose our APEX competition swimsuits.



Funkita is a ladies only swimwear brand. This super cool brand came over from Australia years ago. We think that in addition to Speedo and Arena, there should certainly be a third brand that is at least as good and always looks much nicer. We present funkita.

Funkita has only been around since 2004 and is therefore actually still a very young brand. It is made for the toughest and most intensive training sessions, the bright prints have been proven to stay bright and never fade. You can actually swim in a Funkita for years. But of course you don't want that, because new prints are released 3 times a year. So it always remains exciting and you can keep up those hard, heavy training hours because of the nice prints and the variation of prints that you build up over the years.

So switching to Funkita is not that bad!


Funky Trunks

Funky Trunks, men only. Tough and contemporary. And swimming trunks are actually the only item of clothing in which even a man can be extravagant. Those prints, wow, you really don't want them on your sweater or jeans. But you can do that on your swimming trunks and you will look great in the pool.

Whether you opt for a training jammer, a classic trunk or the classic brief (speedo variant), you will stand out and it is comfortable. So good! Hours of training, without any problems. And after a year of hard training, you stand in front of the mirror with your Funky Trunk and your six-pack and notice that your swimsuit has not discolored at all. Nevertheless, we advise you, for your own pleasure and well-being, to purchase several pairs of trousers and vary a bit. And of course you need some swimming shorts, beach shorts are also desirable. And don't forget that open water classic brief for under your wetsuit. Or just like that, with your classic brief into the open water.

Just do it, we know it's possible! Make your swimming life fun and cheerful!


My brand

Open water swimming is a lifestyle with a growing number of 'believers'. Swimming accessories such as a swimming buoy and special open water swimming goggles have been developed for the open water swimmers. For the winter period in cold water we offer a variety of products. Many winter products are made of neoprene, such as gloves, socks and swimming caps made of neoprene. Feel free to surf our webshop and find the right accessories for your (winter) open water swimming sessions.