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Christian Dackus, founder

Free boy

Born in 1972, graduated in 1995 at the Catholic University of Nijmegen in Administrative Information Science (BIK), Faculty of Policy Sciences. After having worked for several years at VNU Dagblengroep as an online services manager (responsible for bringing all South Netherlands regional dailies online), I started the Internet company Web3 in 1998 together with a colleague. This grew into a company with 20 employees and quickly became the market leader in Limburg.

From 2005; dackus.it thinks about solutions that intervene and also work in an organization, in an industry or in society. These solutions require depth, we like to dive into new solutions with our customers.

Christian Dackus is also the founder and operator of dackus.it, Maastricht Local and involved in several start-ups.

As chairman of the Masters Swimming Club MZ&PC in Maastricht, Christian has been committed to association life from 2014 to 2020. He still organizes all kinds of open water swimming activities and is a stimulating force behind the grindgat swimmers (grindgat.nl). He is also active as co-organizer of the City Procession. As a swimmer, he has shifted his interest to the Triathlon by regularly cycling and running. Christian's greatest passion is swimming in open water.