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FREE Wetsuit and accessories trials in Maastricht

Private fitting session, dive directly into the OPEN WATER!

  • Price of our wetsuits is € 239
  • Highest quality Neoprene: 4/2MM Yamamoto 393 SCS Neoprene.
  • Great buoyancy, corrects body position and improves aquadynamics
  • Also warm at lower water temperatures
  • Neck lining reduces friction and chafing
  • Slipstream zipper that is easy to open
  • SCS Coating and Microcell structure. Water-repellent and accelerating
  • Soft lining on the inside
  • Distinctive design

  • NEW: 100% stitched, taped and coated swimming socks & gloves: 100% waterproof and maximum heat retention!
  • Click here for all open water accessories
  • Neoprene Swimming Gloves
  • Neoprene Swim Socks
  • Neoprene Balaclavas
  • Lycra underwear (for under the wetsuit)
  • Swimming goggles
  • Earplugs and Nose Clips from Mad Wave
  • Funkita 
  • Funky Trunks 


Do you want a private fitting? Then choose one of the dates below. Would you like to organize a summer kick-off for your club? We come throughout the Netherlands for clubs of 10 or more participants! We will contact you to make an appointment.

Saturday June 22, 2024: 4 p.m

Please contact me for an appointment