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Short Belt 3.6 - 10.8 kg
Short Belt 3.6 - 10.8 kg
Short Belt 3.6 - 10.8 kg
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Short Belt 3.6 - 10.8 kg

Resistance in the water

Mad Wave's SHORT BELT swim trainer with elastic cord has been designed to swim with resistance. The cord is short enough to train even in a small pool. The belt with adjustable fastener is placed on the swimmer’s waist, and the other end of the cable is fixed to the side of the pool with a special loop.
SHORT BELT allows you to get an amazing workout in a small space, improving the strength component of each stroke, footwork effectiveness, and pushing off the wall as the final element of a good turn.
Length: 1.15 m.
There is a range of resistance levels, indicated by different colors.
Green: 3.6 - 10.8 kg
Red: 5.4 - 14.1 kg
Black: 9.1 - 20,4 kg

  • Cord length - 1.15 m;
  • Improve your strength and stamina - the trainer has been developed to provide extra drag resistance and to improve your strength and stamina;
  • Designed for professional swimmers - the trainer effeciently helps improve your push-off technique.

nylon, polypropylene, latex


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